Episode 1: Oktoberfest


The Coolship Podcast has launched!

The Coolship Podcast is dedicated to beer lovers, home brewers, and professionals alike. At the helm are Warren Wilson, owner of Homebrew University in Hackettstown, NJ, and Matt Czigler, owner and head brewer at Czig Meister Brewing in Hackettstown. In addition to being avid beer fans (and these boys know how to enjoy a beer!), they bring a combined 25+ years of home brewing and professional brewing skill to the show.

In Episode 1 Warren and Matt explore Oktoberfest and discuss the long history of the Märzen style, how it was made traditionally and today, and what to expect in a fine example of this beer. They sample three commercial brews: Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn, and Shiner. Grab a bottle of your favorite (or all of them) and follow along at home.

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