In Episode 23 Warren and Matt tempt their tongues with dessert-accompanying and dessert-inspired brews. NJHOPZ Homebrew Club members Paul, Teena, Don, and Joe join the ranks and add their two cents (well, Paul his $1.02). Paul also describes his adventures with European beer Hipsters. Matt gets called out for his newfound embrace of New England style IPAs.

Follow along at home with:

Lindeman’s — Pomme Lambic
Lindeman’s — Framboise Lambic
Weyerbacher — Blithering Idiot Barleywine
Czig Meister — Tiramisu Milk Porter
Knee Deep Brewing — Stoutello Chocolate Hazelnut Milk Stout
Southern Tier — Thick Mint Imperial Stout

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Photo by Alex Tim from Pexels


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